Montag, den 23. Januar 2006 um 16:41

Welcome to NanoBlogger 3.3!

The basic syntax is: nb [-b blog_dir] [options]

How to ...
  • create new weblog (directory) = nb -b [blog_dir] -a
  • create new entry = nb -a
  • create new category = nb -c new -a
  • create new entry with category = nb -c [cat_id] -a
  • list entries = nb -l [all|DATE|max]
  • list categories = nb -l cat
  • list entries by category = nb -c [cat_id] -l [all|DATE|max]
  • edit entry = nb -e [entry_id]
  • move entry to category = nb -c [cat_id] -m [entry_id]
  • delete entry = nb -d [entry_id]
  • delete category = nb -c [cat_id] -d cat
  • delete entry from category = nb -c [cat_id] -d [entry_id]
  • draft entry = nb -E [draft_file]
  • import draft as entry = nb -f [draft_file] -a
  • force update of weblog files = nb -u [all|DATE|main]

Thank you for trying NanoBlogger. Please direct comments and suggestions to the mailing list or submit a bug report to the project page on

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